1.We have exemplary quality control
Our company has over 1600 acres of well-cultivated planting land. We use good seeds and modern planting technology to ensure that only the best quality products are carried forward to the exportation stage. We also employ a scientific field management system.
2.We own our own factories and ensure a strict screening process
As our products pass through our processing plants they are checked for their quality at every stage.
3. A very capable team ensuring good service
At every stage in the product’s journey from field to customer there are dedicated employees playing their own roles well. Our customers can be assured that their purchase will arrive safely and securely, having been closely monitored from the very beginning of its journey.
We have strictly quality control dep, every day we do the daily inspect.

Quality First, Credit First.                                       *Weighing garlic

*Class selection Garlic                                           *Packing garlic

*Digging Garlic                                                      *Employee number garlic
*Peeling Garlic                                                       *actory quality inspection garlic

*Cutting Garlic

*Workshop quality inspection garlic

KYL GARLIC  product line has grown and changed with the needs of our customers. We are truly grateful for the continued support and trust in our company that has enabled us to expand into new markets. We look forward to new challenges and opportunities ahead.

How to Place An Order With KYL Garlic?
KYL Garlic provides you with real-time China garlic images and China garlic news. How to wholesale fresh garlic with us?
1. Please let us know the detailed specifications of the garlic you want to buy and other requirements such as packaging, quantity, and expected arrival time.
2. After we accurately understand your actual purchase needs, we will send you a quotation based on your order. We will also send the garlic samples you specified to you.
3. The two parties reached an agreement on the price, quantity, packaging, delivery time, payment method, and other terms of this garlic wholesale business.
4. You need to send a purchase order to us or produce garlic bulk based on the contract signed by both of us.
5. If your payment method is a L/C ( letter of credit) you need to open an  irrevocable letter of credit to be drawn at sight with us. We will arrange garlic production and transportation according to the L/C or contract.
About the quote of wholesale fresh garlic: Please let us know your contact information, the garlic types, specifications, packaging, order quantity, and other requirements (if any) that you are interested in, and then we will quote you according to your actual purchase needs. Please feel free to contact us to get our latest China garlic news and China garlic images.

Onions & Garlic
How To Grow Onions And Garlic

Onion sets are easier to grow than onions from seed, they are less susceptible to disease and will do reasonably well in poorer soils - and because the bulbs are already partly formed they will mature earlier. Plant them about 10cm/4in apart in rows 30cm/12in apart. Push them into well-prepared soil, so that just the tip is showing above ground. If planted shallowly, birds are liable to pull them out. Shallots and garlic cloves can be planted in a broadly similar manner. Onions and garlic thrive in an open position and on fertile, well-drained soils. All three are best rotated on a minimum three-year cycle to prevent the build-up of soil-borne pests and diseases.

Common Diseases
Downy Mildew MD – a fungal disease which causes yellowing of the leaf and white, furry fungus beneath. Mainly effects young plants and often due to over-crowding in a moist atmosphere.
Fusarium Wilt FS – Plants wilt, with symptoms similar to those of drought, but do not recover permanently when watered. The fungus may remain viable in soil for several years. No chemical control available, but do not grow the same or related plants in same area for at least five years.
For more information about the garlic Ginger, onion and fruit, welcome to contact us at :+86 13522327794 ( Office in China) & +447733510983 (Office in UK) or write to us at  We will be happy to help you out!